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The Civil War – 150 Years Later

October 10, 2011

We at the J. Murrey Atkins Library Special Collections are pleased to be participating in Civil War in the American South.

Consolidated morning report, May 22, 1862

In recognition of the sesquicentennial of the start of the American Civil War, Civil War in the American South provides a central portal to access digital collections from the Civil War Era (1850-1865) held by members of the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL).

Atkins Library Special Collections will be contributing materials to this project from nine manuscript collections. We have four new Civil War collections available through Digital Collections:

1) J.A. Bisaner slave bill-of-sale, 1865

Andrew Baxter Springs letter, December 15, 1864

2) People of Old Mecklenburg

3)  Andrew Baxter Springs Letter

4) Richard Lee Clark Collection, 1862 – 1865

We will be adding more collections (containing hundreds of items) in the coming weeks and months to Digital Collections at Atkins Library.

These materials will be available through the Civil War in the American South project within the next few weeks.

Civil War in the American South is a project of ASERL and the Digital Library of Georgia as part of the GALILEO initiative.

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